For Me, The Podcast Is The Juice

Host Mike Monaco interviews musician’s & artists about their favorite movie. What’s The Juice for you?

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Thursday Sep 07, 2023

Yeah, I even lost my podcast. Mike speaks with Scott of This Is The Greatest Song I've Ever Heard In My Life Podcast about mumbling, wandering, cigarette smoking, cat losing, incredibly handsome & cool Elliott Gould in Robert Altman's THE LONG GOODBYE. 

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

I don't know what fear is. Podcast? I don't know that either. This week I speak with a great friend & incredible artist / tattoo artist / musician - Hyesu Jung. We talk about truly one of the most gruesome movies I've seen to this day, I SAW THE DEVIL. 

Friday Aug 11, 2023

Would thou like to podcast deliciously? Mike speaks with Jacob (INTERVALS, JIA) about Robert Eggers' The Witch. We talk cheap microphones, touring together, pure unearthly evil & a ton more. 

Friday Jul 28, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen? Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for visiting with us this evening. Now, I've traveled across half the internet to be here and to see about this episode. Now, I daresay some of you might have heard some of the more extravagant rumors about what my plans are; I just thought you'd like to hear it from me. This is the face. There's no great mystery. I'm an podcast-man, ladies and gentlemen. Mike & Nick talk one of the best movies of the 2000's, PTA's THERE WILL BE BLOOD on this episode of THE JUICE. We talk a bit about the creative process, PTA, Hellraiser & a whole lot more. 

Friday Jul 14, 2023

Good morning, and in case I don't see ya: good afternoon, good evening & good night. Mike speaks with Robbie about The Truman Show. We talk about meeting by chance at a gas station in the middle of Texas, Jim Carey's career, Avatar 2 & a bunch more. 

Friday Jun 16, 2023

Fasten your seatbelts & get ready for a wild ride. Mike & Aaron talk about The Wachowski's 2008 masterpiece SPEED RACER. We talk old school concert DVDs, Speed's racing sponsorships vs music endorsements, listening to the DUNKIRK score at the gym to feel like you're at war & a whole lot more. 

Thursday May 18, 2023

DEATH IS THE ROAD TO AWE. Mike speaks with good friend & fellow yeller, Carson Pace about THE FOUNTAIN. We talk Aranofsky, Ryan's Babe, the creative process & a ton more. 

Thursday May 04, 2023

Mike speaks with Michael Shannon super-fan, pedal wizard, great friend Andy Pitcher about his favorite movie: Take Shelter. We talk Pat Metheny, Gremlins, Michael Shannon & a ton more. 

Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

Look, I know The Oscars were last I probably should have put this out ahead of that. But think of it this way: maybe they were the warm up to THE FIRST ANNUAL JUICE-CADEMY AWARDS. I talk with The Pinheads (Jayme Lewis & Kevin Redding) about what movies we watched in 2022 & what we think should have come out on top in certain categories. Spoiler, we got everything wrong! 

Thursday Mar 09, 2023

Alright, alright, alright. Mike & Tom talk Dazed & Confused. We're talking Linklater, hazing, hang out movies & a bunch more. 


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